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We just introduced two new features which should make the web application much more usable. The first change involves contacts – since currently all people you ever shared a bill with were kept, you might have a few contacts in your list you don’t have any debts left or don’t see any longer. So we introduced a way to delete those stale contacts – just head over to your contact list, click on the history view and you will have a link ‘Delete contact’. This will hide the contact from all your views. But within your contact list you will get the information how many deleted contacts there are, and have the option to undelete them if you’d like.

The second change allows you to define your “favorite” currencies (by default we add all used currencies to your favorites but you can also configure them within your preferences).

These changes are currently only available within the web application. We will soon put out an android version with the same features!

iOS Simulator Screen shot Feb 5, 2012 9.56.48 PM

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The first release of our TabSplit iOS app has just arrived at the itunes app store.

You can view all your past bills, transactions and payments as well as view all debts of your friends. It does not yet support any kind of input unfortunately. But if you are a developer you could solve this problem ;) We have released the full source code for the iOS app on sourceforge: – So if you want to help, just drop me a line at and i’ll get you up to speed. It is just too much work to develop three platforms in parallel (web, android and iOS) – so we want to focus most of our time on the web and android versions while hoping to find someone to maintain the open source iOS app.

If you want to try out this first version head over to the app store at

Mark items on the bill and split them up to the person who cnsumed them

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It is now even easier to split your restaurant bills with your friends. With the help of the increased screen real estate of a tablet compared to a phone it is much more comfortable to enter your bills. The steps involved are still the same, but it should be much easier – You can even create a draft on your mobile phone and later finish it on your tablet, if you don’t want to work around with your tablet in the restaurant.

First you take a photo of the receipt. Afterwards you enter all friends involved on the receipt and who has actually payed the bill (and how much, including Tip and Taxes).


Afterwards it is time to mark all items on the receipt, associate them with your friends who consumed those items and (optionally) assign labels and values:

Afterwards you simply have to define how much tip you gave and you are all done.

You can also check out the process of how to split bills on your phone in our last post (it also includes a short video which should make it most obvious). The most comfortable way (for me at least) is to quickly take a picture of the receipt, add the people to the items with my phone right in the restraunt, and later finalize it at home from my couch with a tablet :) (Or you can obviously use your PC with a browser at )

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In TabSplit for Android 1.2 we completely rewritten the interface you can use for entering Tabs (Itemized Bills). We have tried to streamline the process as good as possible within the limited space of a phone display. In the next version we will expand it to use up more space on tablets so it  is even easier. Here is a short introduction into this new interface:

First a short note when this is meant to be used – imagine you pay for a meal when you are out with friends so you want to enter their share of the bill. Instead of entering everything up front we tried to get out of your way as good as possible. The purpose is to let you create a draft quickly and easily and later fill out the rest. If you don’t want to remember anything you will need to:

  1. take a photo of the receipt
  2. select all participants
  3. enter how much you have paid in the restaurant
  4. mark all items on the receipt photo
  5. assign all your friends to the respective item on the receipt photo

This should be doable in half a minute and you are good to go – nothing to forget.. you and your friends will have a draft in your transaction list you can finish at any time. (If you are even more in a hurry, you can leave out everything except the photo of the receipt and fill it in later)

How to finish the draft? Simply add how much each item was worth, optionally adding a description to them and define how much of the remaining amount is tip and how much is tax (if any). TabSplit will then split it all up and add the depts to your friend’s account.

Still not sure how this can work? here a short video:

We would welcome any kind of feedback about TabSplit, the app and QuickEntry – Just head over to ourpage or write us at .

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We have just released Version 1.0 of TabSplit Android app. This includes quite a few bug fixes and two big feature improvements:

  1. C2DM: Cloud to Device Messaging – This allows us to push all new notifications to your mobile phone. So if someone creates a new transaction (or modifies an existing one) you will be notified immediately (usually within seconds). This requires a manual update, since C2DM requires a new permission!
  2. Placeholder Users – This has been requested quite often from users. Sometimes it is much easier to just enter a name for a user, instead of inviting somebody via email. Placeholder Users are meant for this – currently only supported in the android app: when adding a friend simply select ‘Placeholder User’ and enter a name (not an email adress) and your friend will not receive an email invitation, no (real) account will be created, and so he will not be able to log in as this user – this contact only exists for you. We will provide you with a web interface to invite real users for those placeholder users, or merge them into existing accounts in the coming weeks. (Depending on how popular this feature is obviously)
Version 1.0 also fixes quite a few bugs – You can no longer get into the UI without logging in (previously you would just get crashes if you switch back to the app without logging in) and it also fixes a serious bug which lead to crashes during sync if additional Items were added in the web interface to a Tab which was created in the Android App.
Hope you will enough Version 1.0 of our TabSplit Android App! :-)

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TabSplit already has most of the core features we planned from the start – You can share and split up Bills, Receipts with your friends and keep track of who you loaned money or which friend you have to pay back. But there are many ideas floating around on how to further improve the user experience and expand the scope of TabSplit. If you have additional ideas, feature requests or complaints don’t hesitate to add them in the comments :)

  • Open API – We will add a simple REST API (which is currently used by our own Android App) and document it, so it is possible for everyone to access his own data through a simple API – either for backup or to create your own services based on TabSplit.
  • TabSplit iOS App – This will hopefully come to light in the next few weeks – It should contain most features of the Android App.
  • Groups – Imagine you are on vacation with a handful of your friends, it would be nice if you could filter your contacts just for the people you are on holiday, or you hang out with most. Maybe you could even shuffle your debts at the end of the trip, so your debts all add up.
  • Receipt tracker – More or less just like entering Tabs with friends – but just for yourself. You could keep track of all your expenses and when you did them, maybe categorize them, tag them and easy find out how much you spent for your last MacBook and how old it is.
If you have any thoughts about those ideas or want to add your own, just leave a comment.

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TabSplit 0.7 for android adds a new specialized view for Tabs. This should help you get an overview of the contents of a Tab on first sight. On top is a summary about the sum of all items of the receipt as well as the paid tip (and tax if applicable). Right below are all participants including how much they have paid as well as their share of the bill. If available you will also see a thumbnail of the receipt as well as all entered items and who has to pay for them.

This new view should give a much better overview than the “QuickEntry” activity which is used to enter the Tab. (You can still modify the tab by clicking on ‘Edit’ in the Options Menu).

The full changelog for this version:

  • Added a view activity for Tabs
  • Removed deprecated Checkbox contact selection preference option.
  • Fixed bug for downloading tab photos.
  • Improved incremental sync – should work much faster now.
  • Added preference to start a background service to sync once an hour.



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We have launched two new features:
First – you will now receive email notifications if someone modifies a transaction you are part in. This way if you have activated email notifications your balance will never change again without you beeing notified. This includes modifications of a transaction (Payment, Joint Payment or Tab) as well as removing it or removing you from a transaction. The email will include your current share of the Transaction as well as your new share (if applicable.)

Second – it is now possible to merge two accounts. If you have multiple email addresses it can easily happen that different people add you to transactions with separate email adresses, which might result in you having multiple accounts. You can now fix this by logging into your primary account and start the ‘merge account’ action from your ‘Account Preferences’. It should be a very smooth transition, which will merge all existing transactions, all contacts and all balances into your main account (the one you are logged into) before deleting the old account.

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You can now import your friends and debts from Billmonk from right inside TabSplit! Simply head over to your Account Preferences on and click on ‘Import from Billmonk’.

Afterwards you have to enter your Billmonk username and password. (We suggest that you’ll change it to a random password). You will have the possibility to choose which friends to import. Afterwards the friends will be added to your TabSplit contacts and the debts will be added. (If a Billmonk user you want to import is not yet on TabSplit they will receive an invitation email.)

Watch our small tutorial video on how to import your contacts from Billmonk into TabSplit: