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We just launched a new feature called “Context Groups”. It is still under heavy development, but it will allow you to create so called “Context Groups” which allows you to give your transactions, expenses and contacts some more context. In it’s simplest form it works very much like tags. You simply attach them to your transactions.

But, they are much more powerful. In it’s basic form only you will see these tags, but you can configure them within Contacts -> Context Groups and invite other people into your context groups. You will already have some basic statistics about how many transactions are within a context group, and how much you have spent in total.

In the future we want to significantly improve the statistics feature – so you can see how much you’ve spent in a given context – like on a holiday, or for a given hobby, etc. There will also be a feature to add all contacts from a context group to a transaction or configure a different default currency for a context.

These Context Groups are currently only available in the web application, but expect them to be soon available in the Android App as well!