Reduce debts between your friends: Shuffle Debts has arrived!

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We can finally deliver a long requested (and promised) feature: You can now shuffle debts between your contacts to reduce overall debts! Shuffling debts It is very common that within a group of friends, if you have made a handful of payments together that everyone had some kind of transactions with everyone else in the… Read more »

Want to continue using Billmonk-like features with an Android App and an open API? Come and join TabSplit :-)

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Billmonk was recently acquired by BillPin and as former Billmonk users we were very exited to see who acquired Billmonk and check out their innovations. Unfortunately we were quite disappointed about their current feature set. We hope that the money(?!) behind their company will make it as good as they promised. Nevertheless, if you want… Read more »

Adding Comments and additional Images/Photos to Transactions

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It is now possible to add additional photos (e.g. of receipts) or comments to transactions. Previously the only way to add a receipt was by creating a Tab (itemized bill) – but now you can simply create a payment, or joint payment and later attach a photo, file or comment afterwards. Currently this is only… Read more »

Directly upload your Profile Picture and other minor Improvements

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You can now directly upload your Profile Picture to TabSplit instead of using gravatar. This should make avatars much more easy to use. So go and upload your favorite profile picture. ;-) We have also cleaned up the Account Preferences, moved password change form into it’s own page, etc. Hope you like those changes.

TabSplit now uses HTTPS encryption for all pages

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TabSplit now uses SSL encryption for all pages and is from now on only available at Because of this switch you might need to reauthenticate TabSplit with your Open ID provider. We have also just published a new Android App Version (1.5.6) which uses https encryption and can be downloaded from the Google Play… Read more »

TabSplit for Android 1.5.4 released – Bug Fixes and a new Launch Icon

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We have released a new version for the native TabSplit app for Android into the Google Play Store. It contains many fixes and a new launch icon: Fixed crash when adding more than 10 items via single-tapping in quick entry Fixed bug preventing Context Groups to be synced Use predefined size(s) of photos for quick… Read more »

New and improved Design

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As you hopefully have noticed we have launched a new design yesterday. For all those who didn’t see a difference to the left is the new design (top) and the old one (below) It should be much cleaner and a bit tidied up and is finally consistent with this blog. The main advantage is that… Read more »

Keeping track of expenses during a trip with friends: Context Groups

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We just launched a new feature called “Context Groups”. It is still under heavy development, but it will allow you to create so called “Context Groups” which allows you to give your transactions, expenses and contacts some more context. In it’s simplest form it works very much like tags. You simply attach them to your… Read more »

Favorite Currencies and Deleting Contacts in the web app

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We just introduced two new features which should make the web application much more usable. The first change¬†involves¬†contacts – since currently all people you ever shared a bill with were kept, you might have a few contacts in your list you don’t have any debts left or don’t see any longer. So we introduced a… Read more »