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shuffle-transactionsBillmonk was recently acquired by BillPin and as former Billmonk users we were very exited to see who acquired Billmonk and check out their innovations.

Unfortunately we were quite disappointed about their current feature set. We hope that the money(?!) behind their company will make it as good as they promised.

Nevertheless, if you want to move from Billmonk to TabSplit, the time is now.

We expect that our Billmonk import will eventually die with the acquisition. So if you want to continue to use Itemized Bills (Tabs), reliably, fast and on your Android phone, come and join TabSplit. We also provide an open API which makes it possible to support more platforms. Also visit our open source project for a TabSplit iOS App – the app currently only has read-only features, but we appreciate any contributions.

We have also implemented shuffling debts in an improved version known from Billmonk. Although it is still under development be prepared to use it soon. See the image to the left for an example – Many former Billmonk users will certainly remember those graphics. These will also help explain you how the shuffle worked right inside TabSplit.

If you need any assistance just let us know in the forum and we will come back to you. Also: Expect a much better mobile experience in the coming months! You won’t believe how much we can improve our existing bill input.

Also join us on Facebook and Google+ to interact and communicate with us and we are more than happy if you support us by spreading the word about TabSplit :-)