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We have just released Version 1.0 of TabSplit Android app. This includes quite a few bug fixes and two big feature improvements:

  1. C2DM: Cloud to Device Messaging – This allows us to push all new notifications to your mobile phone. So if someone creates a new transaction (or modifies an existing one) you will be notified immediately (usually within seconds). This requires a manual update, since C2DM requires a new permission!
  2. Placeholder Users – This has been requested quite often from users. Sometimes it is much easier to just enter a name for a user, instead of inviting somebody via email. Placeholder Users are meant for this – currently only supported in the android app: when adding a friend simply select ‘Placeholder User’ and enter a name (not an email adress) and your friend will not receive an email invitation, no (real) account will be created, and so he will not be able to log in as this user – this contact only exists for you. We will provide you with a web interface to invite real users for those placeholder users, or merge them into existing accounts in the coming weeks. (Depending on how popular this feature is obviously)
Version 1.0 also fixes quite a few bugs – You can no longer get into the UI without logging in (previously you would just get crashes if you switch back to the app without logging in) and it also fixes a serious bug which lead to crashes during sync if additional Items were added in the web interface to a Tab which was created in the Android App.
Hope you will enough Version 1.0 of our TabSplit Android App! :-)