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We have launched two new features:
First – you will now receive email notifications if someone modifies a transaction you are part in. This way if you have activated email notifications your balance will never change again without you beeing notified. This includes modifications of a transaction (Payment, Joint Payment or Tab) as well as removing it or removing you from a transaction. The email will include your current share of the Transaction as well as your new share (if applicable.)

Second – it is now possible to merge two accounts. If you have multiple email addresses it can easily happen that different people add you to transactions with separate email adresses, which might result in you having multiple accounts. You can now fix this by logging into your primary account and start the ‘merge account’ action from your ‘Account Preferences’. It should be a very smooth transition, which will merge all existing transactions, all contacts and all balances into your main account (the one you are logged into) before deleting the old account.