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TabSplit already has most of the core features we planned from the start – You can share and split up Bills, Receipts with your friends and keep track of who you loaned money or which friend you have to pay back. But there are many ideas floating around on how to further improve the user experience and expand the scope of TabSplit. If you have additional ideas, feature requests or complaints don’t hesitate to add them in the comments :)

  • Open API – We will add a simple REST API (which is currently used by our own Android App) and document it, so it is possible for everyone to access his own data through a simple API – either for backup or to create your own services based on TabSplit.
  • TabSplit iOS App – This will hopefully come to light in the next few weeks – It should contain most features of the Android App.
  • Groups – Imagine you are on vacation with a handful of your friends, it would be nice if you could filter your contacts just for the people you are on holiday, or you hang out with most. Maybe you could even shuffle your debts at the end of the trip, so your debts all add up.
  • Receipt tracker – More or less just like entering Tabs with friends – but just for yourself. You could keep track of all your expenses and when you did them, maybe categorize them, tag them and easy find out how much you spent for your last MacBook and how old it is.
If you have any thoughts about those ideas or want to add your own, just leave a comment.
  • ak

    awesome app! can you get the app for iphone and Windows Phone please? or make an html5 mobile version that can work easily on these phones

    • Herby

      there is already a version for iOS coming up (although we start with limited features).. i’m not so sure about windows phone though. but we will release an open API so everyone can build there own TabSplit app ;-)