Favorite Currencies and Deleting Contacts in the web app

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We just introduced two new features which should make the web application much more usable. The first change involves contacts – since currently all people you ever shared a bill with were kept, you might have a few contacts in your list you don’t have any debts left or don’t see any longer. So we introduced a… Read more »

TabSplit for Android 1.2 – QuickEntry for Tabs (Sharing restaurant bills)

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In TabSplit for Android 1.2 we completely rewritten the interface you can use for entering Tabs (Itemized Bills). We have tried to streamline the process as good as possible within the limited space of a phone display. In the next version we will expand it to use up more space on tablets so it  is… Read more »

Developer API published

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As promised earlier, we have now opened our API to read contact and transaction data. The API is still under development (especially the documentation), but you can already use it for your own apps. If you have any suggestions to the (quite short) documentation or the API, just let me know.

C2DM (Push Notifications), Placeholder Users – TabSplit 1.0 (Android)

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We have just released Version 1.0 of TabSplit Android app. This includes quite a few bug fixes and two big feature improvements: C2DM: Cloud to Device Messaging – This allows us to push all new notifications to your mobile phone. So if someone creates a new transaction (or modifies an existing one) you will be… Read more »

Mobile view of Tabs (Receipts) and Background Sync – TabSplit 0.7 (Android)

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TabSplit 0.7 for android adds a new specialized view for Tabs. This should help you get an overview of the contents of a Tab on first sight. On top is a summary about the sum of all items of the receipt as well as the paid tip (and tax if applicable). Right below are all… Read more »

Emails for modifications / Merge Accounts

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We have launched two new features: First – you will now receive email notifications if someone modifies a transaction you are part in. This way if you have activated email notifications your balance will never change again without you beeing notified. This includes modifications of a transaction (Payment, Joint Payment or Tab) as well as… Read more »

Import your friends and debts from Billmonk into TabSplit

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You can now import your friends and debts from Billmonk from right inside TabSplit! Simply head over to your Account Preferences on https://tabsplit.com/ and click on ‘Import from Billmonk’. Afterwards you have to enter your Billmonk username and password. (We suggest that you’ll change it to a random password). You will have the possibility to… Read more »