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So, what is TabSplit all about? It allows you to keep track of all loans and debts between you and your friends. So if you go out and share a tab it’s easy to split it up between your friends and know who has paid the tab and who owes you the remaining money.

TabSplit is still in early beta, so check back regularly. Currently it consists of a web interface and a very basic Android application. There are many things which are still missing and on our Todo list, but the two main features already work:

  • Tabs (or “Itemized Bills”): If you pay in a bar or restaurant for your friends you can take a photo of the receipt to remember who had which item. We will than sum up all totals so you know where to collect your money!
  • Payments: If you have collected the money or paid someone back don’t forget to record it! Payments can also be used if you lend someone money.
I will soon describe each of those two features in more detail, but for now this should give you a rough idea of what to expect. Just head over to and play around!
If you have any feedback, just leave it here :)