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We have just released a new version of the TabSplit android app. This version allows creating, viewing and modifying of all transaction types. This includes an new view for Joint Payments which can be used to enter a payment which is shared equally across a group (e.g. a hotel bill – or as in the example on the right a gasoline bill).

This version also adds support for editing payments which completes support for all three transaction types of tabsplit. We hope to gather feedback on how to improve each dialog (Quick Entry, Payments, Joint Payments) so we find a balance between simplicity for first time users, streamlined entering for more experienced users as well as displaying as much information as possible about a transaction.

As always, find TabSplit 0.6 in the android market! (You can now even install it on your SD Card, so no excuses if you have no space left on your device :) )