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List of debts and which friend owes you how muchWe have just released an update to our Android app:

  • A improved view of the list of your debts and which of your friends owes you how much. It was always a pain to recognize which friends you have to pay back vs. which contacts owes you money. With the new interface you can simply recognize it with a thumbs up (= you are the creditor, ie. your friend owes you money) and thumbs down (= you have to pay your friend back) (See the right top screenshot)
  • Synchronization of the newly introduced comments: Through the web interface it is possible to add comments and photos like additional receipts to a transaction. These are now synchronized to your mobile phone and can be viewed. (Images are only downloaded on demand, so you have to be online to view them.) – See the screenshot below for an example.
  • Show progress during initial Synchronization.

Head over to the Google Play Store and download the new version! As always we would love to hear feedback. Either on our Facebook Page, our own Forum or through the App (Dashboard -> Options Menu -> Feedback)

Transaction comments