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    Used maxthron browser. Is ZTE Blade 2.3.4. Indeed was a browser problem. Hard to find if it was a problem in the app or in the browser. Tried google login (Open ID) and normal login. Changed the browser to normal one and was able to complete all the process. If no indication of error in your log, I can explore more is incompatibility with any third browser or just maxthron.
  • Re: Login Error
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    Hope you don't mind this bug report, only trying to help to improve and fix. Unfortunately people use feedback more for pointing errors, than to thanks the work. Good job! Fully working in ICS (CM9 in SGS) by the way.
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    After enabling account, when opening Tabslip in Android (2.3.6 Gingerbread) for the first time, in the broswer, when making the login, an error page with Forbidden (403): CSRF: verification failed. Request aborted. I'm therefore unable to use mobile app.
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    Great. Thank you! Working now. However, since he had created another account, with hotmail, when trying to merge, an internal error occurred. You have received an e-mail with the error (so said the website :P), hope you are able to find and correct the source of it.

    This is becoming great and greater!
  • Groups
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    Billmonk has the hability to make groups. For instance trips, groups of friends. This features is good to rapidly add friends, and also to add the hability to suggest who pays next. The shuffle feature is also great in groups, in order to one only make a payment to settle debts in a group.
  • Login Error
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    I invited a friend to Tabsplit and he received an e-mail with the password, however, he is unable to perfom login since his e-mail has 34 chars and login form only accept 30 chars. Can you remove this non sense limitation? Even if you need it, is better to put a greater.