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    I'm currently weighing various options for expense tracking and splitting. The feature set here (itemized bills w/ image records) seems appealing. I would prefer to run something on my own server, however no OSS projects that meet the criteria have jumped out.

    That all being said, creating a record with a large amount of data takes time. Loosing that work would be quite bad, as such I need to know I can create a backup before i start entering data.

    I've noticed that there is a friend export function in the user page, which is good, in json which is even better. I have not however been able to locate somewhere to be able to export the bills and any other information in one go. As earlier mentioned this is a dealbreaker given the amount of effort required to recreate records in the event of any failure or change.

    In summation: I'm looking for export functionality that encompases all the information that would be entered or be possible to look up through the web interface.