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I'm currently weighing various options for expense tracking and splitting. The feature set here (itemized bills w/ image records) seems appealing. I would prefer to run something on my own server, however no OSS projects that meet the criteria have jumped out.

That all being said, creating a record with a large amount of data takes time. Loosing that work would be quite bad, as such I need to know I can create a backup before i start entering data.

I've noticed that there is a friend export function in the user page, which is good, in json which is even better. I have not however been able to locate somewhere to be able to export the bills and any other information in one go. As earlier mentioned this is a dealbreaker given the amount of effort required to recreate records in the event of any failure or change.

In summation: I'm looking for export functionality that encompases all the information that would be entered or be possible to look up through the web interface.
we have considered releasing the source code so everyone could run a "private" version of tabsplit within their group of friends, but considered it a bit problematic since we have no distributed debt-sharing protocol :) so it made more sense to have one central repository..

but i understand your desire to export everything - this is why we made the API public which is used by the mobile application: it is still a bit experimental since no external developer has ever really used it, but you should be able to use it to export everything of your account (or write a program which allows everyone to export his data). unfortunately we didn't yet implement such a export program, but it should be quite easy to do (if you install the android app for TabSplit you basically have all exported data on your mobile phone - except the tab-photos which are only loaded on demand, so it's certainly possible).

if you want to look at an implementation for downloading the data you could take a look at the ios app - which we have released the source code of: but if you haven't worked with objective c before, just taking a look at the api documentation is probably way easier since it's a really simple API :-)

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