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I was trying to import friends and billmonk debts. I could successfully import friends but couldn't get debts transferred. It said : "unknown currency Rs. (Indian Rupee). Debt wont be transferred.
it seems billmonk returns Rs. instead of INR when exporting debts.. i added a mapping, please try again.

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Cool. It's not giving error now but seems like it is stuck at "Importing.." stage. Let me give it a lil time and it will let you know.

Thanks Herby. appreciate your efforts.
1 more thing. It imported successfully but my billmonk entries are all got settled. I would have liked to retail them
well, the intention was to know which friends you have moved to tabsplit, so we settle them in billmonk (otherwise you would have to do this manually). - the reason is simple, this way you could theoretically do the import multiple times without doubling the debts (because billmonk knows that the debts have been "moved")

maybe we should make the notice about the settlement-payment in billmonk a bit more prominent, and offer an option to just enter everything in tabsplit. (this would also significantly speed up the import process, because entering the payments is quite time consuming)
Yeah, I think so. That would help.

Keep up the good work..! :)

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