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Can't get it (itemized bill) to work on either Opera or Internet Explorer. Never used the feature before so can't say whether it did work at one point.
i just tried it with opera 12 and it seems to work as expected.. but i have to admit the tab input is a bit lacking usability wise (and feature wise too) - i have to improve that a lot (it's on my todo list :-/ ) - how far have you gotten? any error messages?
the "normal"/intended use case is to 'create transaction' -> create tab.. (1) enter a description, add all participants, select the checkbox for the person who has paid, optionally add tip/tax and click 'Create Tab' afterwards (2) add all items and the participants to the items.. and hit save

i guess step (1) shouldn't be the problem?
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Ok I guess I managed to get it to work with the help you provided. I figured the "Has paid" button was for clearing off a debt rather than indicating the original payer. It just wasn't returning an error message, which is why I got stuck. Thank you for your help!
I am facing the same problem.
I am using Safari and it looks like creating a tab button just refreshes the page and we dont get any tabs at the end. Kindly fix the bug having a lot of trouble.

we will probably recreate the dialog for tabs completely, but it will probably take a few weeks. stay tuned..

in the meantime maybe you could try creating a trivial itemized bill and send me a screenshot of which page is just reloading and not saved, maybe a can understand the problem better.. (the error handling of the current form is terrible, we'll do better soon :/ )

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